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True luxury for me means to have the time to explore pure and untouched nature.
   Mario Marchi

In producing the world’s most unique and comfortable design vehicles, our philosophy goes beyond the ordinary idea of luxury. We believe that an enjoyable ride is not only defined by the style of travel, but also by the roads taken. We aim to ensure that our customers experience nature at its most wild, now and in the years and generations to come.

As the world’s first small-series automobile manufacturer, we market vehicles that prove that aerodynamics and eco-friendliness can be driving forces in the design of heavy duty vehicles. Our extraordinary vehicle design both inspires visionary automotive enthusiasts and sets examples of aerodynamic truck design. The fact that the eleMMent series has a drag coefficient comparable to a sports car due to its outstanding aerodynamics (Cw 0,3615) speaks for itself and reduces the fuel consumption drastically.

Alongside a love of design and visionary spirit, Marchi Mobile client’s share the will to make a difference in the world. This motivates us even more to work towards a better future.

Darkwoods Forest Carbon Project

Why this project?
North America, in particular, has a long history of mobile living, camping and traveling long distances to enjoy the region’s beautiful natural landscapes. As one of our key markets, we found a wonderful project, that we passionately support:

The Project
In June 2011, the nature conservation organization Nature Conservancy of Canada (NCC) and the Forest Carbon Group announced a joint success. Darkwoods, one of the most ecologically diverse and oldest forests in Canada, was placed under permanent protection with proceeds from the sales of carbon credits. The project is one of the largest conservation projects in Canadian history and was made possible for the first time with Carbon Finance. 55,000 hectares of forest land with trees up to 600 years old are now no longer threatened by deforestation – in contrast to many neighboring areas. The entire Darkwoods area in British Columbia is now protected while a small portion of the land is being used for sustainable forestry.

Environmental benefits
A private owner purchasing an expansive forest like the 55,000-hectare Darkwoods area to save it from subdivision, overcutting or even conversion is a rare event. In the future, the Darkwoods forest will be able to store more carbon from the atmosphere since substantially less wood is being cut under NCC management.

The Darkwoods forest directly adjoins other protected areas, creating a total protected region of 100,000 hectares. An area large enough to protect eight endangered species and to offer a sufficiently large habitat for species with large living environments such as the grizzly bear and the endangered mountain caribou.

Darkwoods is home to diverse forests, such as the centuries-old inland rainforest, the so-called “snow forests” that supply the countless rivers and streams. Altogether, the project protects both forests and climate, and provides a habitat for at least 200 animal and 219 plant species.

Social and economic benefits
The Darkwoods Forest Carbon Project is the first project of its kind in Canada. It offers a new path towards the private financing of conservation areas. It therefore preserves an important recreational area for people from and outside the region while providing jobs in sustainable forestry. According to NCC’s plans, it will stay this way for the benefit of the region’s nearly 50,000 inhabitants.

Corporate Carbon Footprint (CCF)

What is the CCF?

The Corporate Carbon Footprint (CCF) provides information about corporate greenhouse gas emissions and lays the foundation for environmentally-friendly business operations. With the help of the Forest Carbon Group, our CCF is calculated along the entire supply chain throughout a year – it is an important element in our holistic approach toward corporate sustainability. Our emissions will be offset by reforestation investments in order to help preserve the very nature we depend on.

Product Carbon Footprint (PCF) and environmentally-friendly travel

What is the PCF and what makes a certified eleMMent so special?

The PCF refers to the greenhouse gas emissions produced when a product is manufactured. Calculating the PCF of an eleMMent vehicle is a one-of-a-kind project and will set an example throughout the entire automotive industry. As an elite manufacturer, we are taking the lead in becoming the world’s first low-volume producer to calculate the PCF of our vehicles. To this end, all materials used will be sourced, creating unprecedented insight into the automotive production process. It is expected to raise the bar and influence global vehicle manufacturing. Marchi Mobile is set to go down this road together with its clients. Whenever a customer is ready to become part of this great cause, we will commit our own resources and bring the Forest Carbon Group team on board again to work with our visionary customers. Another option we offer our customers is to offset the carbon emissions they produce during their travels in their eleMMent vehicle. At the end of each year, they simply inform us of the total distance they have traveled in their eleMMent. We will then calculate the CO2 emissions that they have released throughout the year and offset this carbon footprint accordingly. A simple tool for a better tomorrow.

Partnership with FOREST CARBON GROUP (FCG)

What is the FCG?
The Forest Carbon Group GmbH offers its customers tailor-made services for corporate sustainability and carbon management, from strategic advisory services to carbon accounting, reducing companies’ carbon footprints, and carbon offsetting through reforestation and preventing deforestation. The FCG is your partner for making the business case for environmental action.

The Forest Carbon Group finances, develops and markets forest carbon and forest management projects that help communities improve their livelihoods, and protect the nature we depend on.

The Forest Carbon Group’s aim is to close the gap between the economy and ecology, allowing a transition towards a sustainable way of doing business. To achieve this goal, FCG seeks to cooperate with like-minded and progressive companies that share the vision of a green economy

As investors in and co-developers of large forestry projects worldwide, FCG ensures the protection, sustainable management and restoration of intact forest ecosystems. Since 2009, FCG has sold around 1.5 million carbon credits, raised about US$10 million to invest in project development and forest protection, thus protecting 350.000 hectares of forest land.

Strong partners for a better tomorrow
Guided by our brand values, we build truly innovative vehicles of the highest quality that meet the most demanding requirements, while also offering our clients the best service possible. This includes a commitment to the environment and to our customers. With Forest Carbon Group as our competent partner for corporate sustainability and enviromental protection, Marchi Mobile is redefining the meaning of pure luxury.

In the international arena, both Marchi Mobile and FCG are striving toward meeting increasing demand for a commitment to the environment and compliance with worldwide environmental standards. Their achievements are tangible and have had a positive and verifiable impact. Marchi Mobile and FCG not only set ambitious goals, but have the courage to implement them – with every mile leading to a better future!

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