Marchi Mobile

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Marchi Mobile – the Company

People never fail to notice innovation, but rarely does the excitement for it last. Passion for the new found extraordinary fades, fascinating for only a moment.

That is how it began for us. But now – after many years of development – we have sparked a fire in the field of luxury mobility. As an automotive brand, Marchi Mobile represents exclusivity and extravagance that needs no explanation.

The eleMMent and MMpro series from Marchi Mobile is a new class in the premium vehicle segment, targeting those who love extraordinary and visionary designs.

Only the finest companies and partners have been chosen to contribute to this masterpiece of German craftsmanship. Become part of the exclusive circle of eleMMent and MMpro owners. Experience prestige and comfort in a royal atmosphere that others will admire, but that few will dare to explore.


“My passion for mobility pushes me forward and my deep fascination for the extraordinary makes my products unique down to the finest detail.

I have never paid attention to standards – I have defined them.”

Mario Marchi
President of Marchi Mobile

Design Philosophy

Inspired by the freedom of nature, the vision of industrial designer Prof. Luigi Colani and the passion for mobility in all eleMMents, Mario Marchi and his team created the ultimate design vehicle.

The design philosophy behind the eleMMent and MMpro series goes far beyond automotive design approaches. For the first time, characteristics of yachting, aviation and motor-sports have been brought together in one vehicle. Only the best features of each field have been selected and adopted by our engineers and designers.



Manufacturing Philosophy

A globally recognized quality standard for the highest performance is the leading manufacturing principle of our team. The eleMMent and MMpro series are the result of decades of manufacturing special vehicles. Marchi Mobile’s team of experienced engineers builds all vehicles in our German facilities. True craftsmanship paired with the latest production technologies guarantee maximum precision and quality. Supported by the latest CATIA software as its CAD design tool, this expert production team from Marchi Mobile is setting new standards for large vehicles.

The desire for continuous improvement and the courage to seek out extraordinary solutions are what drive our research and development team. Ahead of its time, the team strives to set new standards in the automotive field and is constantly looking for novel approaches off the beaten track. At the same time, preserving traditional craftsmanship plays a key role in our manufacturing philosophy. With every eleMMent and MMpro, a unique piece is created.