eleMMent viva

VIP shuttle

Lifestyle and business. Mobility for private- and business purposes.

The eleMMent viva as a unique feature for prestige and comfort.

During these times of increasing dynamics, the appreciation for comfort mounts constantly. The generous business lounge armchairs provide recreation during luxury shopping, gala events or simply your next business meeting. The six comfortable and rotating armchairs are equipped with massage function and climate control.

Enjoy mobility at an interior height of 2,5 meters and get informed about all route relevant information via the integrated information system. Furthermore the interior allows you and your guests to freshen up in the bathroom or take pleasure in a chilled drink from the bar on your way to the next stop.

Alternatively the adequate conference room setting offers you all the amenities and communication means that you could wish for.

Business shuttle, family excursion or party- and event transfers: create outstanding events with a unique recognition value.

As a stabilizing element in between stressful meetings or as a tool that benefits your rank to get you in the mood for the parties of the night: the eleMMent viva.